Thursday, October 06, 2005

Meet Reilly

Here's Reilly, my dog. He's a mix, but mostly Border Collie. He used to be my grandma's dog for about 8 months. My grandpa got sick of the hair, and my grandma was tired of taking care of him. Grandma was going to sell him to someone else but my sister, Joyce, talked her out of it. So, my grandma gave him to us. I was so happy because I loved him so much. Now he lives with us and a cool thing about that is our outside dogs have someone to play with. He sleeps on my bed at night and gets up to say good morning to my mom when her alarm goes off. He is so playful and loving, and if you pretend you're hurt, he'll come up to you and try to snuggle and comfort you. He's also very obedient. He knows sit, stay, shake, lay down and roll over. When you say to him "Reilly, give me some love" he jumps up on your chest and hugs you.

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