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Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday With a Snow Day!

Listening To: Runaway Love by Ludacris feat. Mary J. Blige
Feeling: tired

Last night was the Super Bowl and I was rooting for the Bears to win.... but that didn't happen. You gotta hand it to the Colts and Peyton, they did deserve it and Peyton deserved to be MVP. The half-time show with Prince was awful, horrible, disgusting, however you wanna describe it. I mean, Prince didn't even do one of his popular songs and the cover that he tried to do was NOT good. And what the heck was he thinking when he got dressed! Very disappointing. But a lot of the commercials were good! Here were some of my favorites:

  • Blockbuster- with the pets in the pet shop
  • *Snickers- where the 2 guys kiss then rip off their chest hair
  • The Late Night Show with David Letterman- Where David and Oprah are watching the game together
  • Coke- "Give Some Love" animated
  • Bud Light- Gorillas trying to steal beer but he smiles for t he camera
  • Taco Bell - Lions trying to say a word "sexy"
  • My Faves T-Mobile - Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley in the restaurant
  • Bud Light - Picking up hitch hikers with an axe and beer

*Best commercial of them all is the Coke

Today we had no school which is so awesome cuz I couldn't fall asleep last night and I ended up going to bed at midnight. I am so tired!

The Party Was Awesome!

Listening To: Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye
Feeling: Good

Earlier this week I passed out invites to about 18 friends. It was an invite for about a 5 hour party. The party was just for fun, and fun was what we all had! Friday we didn't have school so that was gonna be our cleaning day. I cleaned until about 12:00 and then got ready to go into town. My friends and I all went and saw Epic Movie. HILARIOUS movie! I had such a fun time. After that we all went to the game and when I got home the house looked pretty good! Saturday, before the party, we finished picking up the house and then people started arriving at about 12:15 and there were about 16 people there in all. We played my Wii, played Ping Pong, played air hockey, and just hung out downstairs and listened to music. We got pizza, pop, cookies, and chips too! It was a blast having everyone over... I think we should do it again :D

2 girls are missing from this picture cuz they came late

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A play, a Report Card, a Party, and a Ride

Listening To: This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy
Feeling: Good

I know, I know, it's been a while. But now it's time to catch up!

A while ago I tried out for the school play. I got the part of a citizen (an extra) but really, that's okay with me. I didn't really want a big part and I didn't want all this lines to remember. My scene is where I carry in one of the teacher's bags and when I leave I flirt with her students, and Beth is one of the students so it's not too hard ;) I also come in and out a lot so you'll see me a lot... you just won't hear me a lot. We have play practice everyday after school and it's been really fun! Next year I won;t get to do this because I will be playing basketball so it will be a good experience!

Thursday, we got our report cards back. Here's what I got:
English - A
Home Ec - A
Science - A
Math - A
Reading - A
Social Studies - A
Academic Center - CR (credit)
Another 4.00 GPA, and another smile from the mom and dad! When I got home and my mom and dad saw it, we decided to go out to Logan's to celebrate! It was sooooo goooood! I was way full when we walked out, and afterwards my mom and I went into the mall cuz she had to return some stuff and we stopped in at the Verizon Wireless store. My old holster broke for my RAZR and I got a case instead of another holster cuz they quit selling them cuz they were all breaking. Mine is a leather case that has a clip on the back. I like it. We also found out that I actually DIDN'T have unlimited texting capabilities on it. I had sent/received about 400 texts in the 6 days before that and I was almost over the limit so we singed up for the unlimited. A pretty good night!

On Friday, after school, I went home with Jason, and Zack and Nate came too. My other friend, Brandon, had a a birthday party that night and we were all gonna go meet at the basketball game and after the game we went to *drum roll please*................... HOOTERS! It was so cool! I bought a shirt and so did Zack and Brandon got a sweatshirt and Jake already had a shirt and the 3 waitresses that were there all signed it. Also, in the bathroom, there was a wall that had a big poster ion it of different photos of hott hooter girls so my friends and I had to go "pee" a lot. lol. It was really fun and afterwards I spent the night at Zack's house cuz it was about 1:00 when we got home. (In the morning I had my last basketball game for team #2 and we won by the way).

Today my dad and I went for a ride on the quads out back and it was SO much fun! We got all bundled up and were out there for about 2 hours. We definitely need to do it way more often!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm a "Wii" Bit Over Excited!

Listening To: The Way I Am by Eminem
Feeling: VERY HAPPY!

I GOT A Wii TODAY!!!!! I am so happy! I have been saving up my money for about 3 months from birthday, Christmas,etc... and Joycie donated some to it too. Here's the story: This morning my mom and I got up at about 5:10 am. We got ready to go, dressed warm, and headed into town. We stopped at Starbucks and I got a venti (large) hot chocolate and a Rice Krispy Square and my mom got a venti latte and a cookie. Then we went to Target and sat in the car for a while and at about 6:40 we got out and waited in line outside to get a ticket at 7:00, we were the fifth people in line. It was very cold out! I had a sweatshirt, a winter coat and 2 blankets on and I was still cold! At Target there are the exterior doors and the Interior doors with a space in between. Stupid Target wouldn't let us wait in that space where it was warm :( But anyway, after we got our ticket ( they only got 27 of them in) we waited in our car for an hour, my mom half asleep and me listening to my iPod. At about 7:50 we got out of the car and waited in line with our ticket. At 8:00 the lady opened up the door and we walked single-file to the electronic area and we bought the Wii! I looked for an extra controller (the nun-chuck and the remote) but all they had were the classics. After I bought the Wii, my mom bought me a game. I got the new Zelda game. Then we stopped at Starbucks again on the way home. When I got home, we immediately set it up and I started playing. I love it! It is so cool!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good Day

Listening To: It's Not Over by Chris Daughtry
Feeling: Great!

Today was pretty good! I had little homework and in Home Ec we are actually doing something that I like doing. We have to make a comic strip with the maximum of 6 frames, it has to teach 3 lessons from our hygiene packet, and it has to at least have 2 of the list of characters in the packet. My characters are Tommy Tooth, Fanny Floss, Tasha Toothpaste, and Tina Toothbrush. I know I know, the names are pretty much silly, but that's why Jake and I were making fun of them and laughing for the first 10 minutes in class! lol. But my story is that Tommy Tooth is dirty and Fanny, Tasha, and Tina come and teach him how to keep himself clean. Then we have to put it on a big piece of peg board and the squares have to be 8 x 8! So I can only fit 2 squares per paper. I finished my first 2 squares and are happy with them. I also asked this girl out today. Her name is Beth and she said "yes". She is really funny, and smart, and fun to be around and I am looking forward to spending time together. That's about it for now, so talk to ya later!

Happy New Year! 2007!!!

Listening To: Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns
Feeling: Very Happy!

So I know I'm a little late on the whole "Happy New Year" thing, but I haven't had time to post about our party yet. So for then next 5 minutes while you read this post, it is now January 1st. Got it? Good. Around 6:00-ish the whole family started arriving at our house. My cousin Michelle brought her boyfriend, Mike. He seems really nice. My Aunt Janet also brought Rogan and Austin! We all got to make our own personal pizza with tons of different topping choices! My dad was making margaritas and different alcoholic drinks throughout the night. He also made me a virgin margarita and it was good! We all just sat around and talked and the boys played and we had a bunch of fun. Later, we had an Air Hockey Tournament, which my Uncle Bob won. Joycie played Uncle Bob in the final game which was really cool, she also kicked Mike's butt! Go Joyce! We watched the ball drop and then everyone left. I ended up going to bed around 2:30! And I think I slept until 12:00! Fun, fun!

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Stuff

Listening To: Afraid by Nelly Furtado feat. Attitude
Feeling: MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!

So today Beth had a party. It was really fun, I had a blast. We hung out at her house for a while then we went to the ice arena and went ice skating. I pretty much sucked... but I think I could have done better if I had better skates. The 9's were to bug and I could barely get my foot in the 8's but I finally managed to get it in there and they were still loose. I knew I wouldn't be able to get my foot in the 7's so I just wore the 8's. WE all stopped a lot and talked and laughed, it was really fun. But right now my feet are killing me and it hurts to walk. I'm sure I'll have blisters in the morning even though I wore two pair of socks. Oh well.

At Molly's blog she talks about a couple things that she got from me. One thing is where she talks about the song "Afraid" by Nelly Furtado, (I was the "friend by the way). The song is really cool, you should check it out. Here's why:
(1). The song is cool
(2). The beat is cool
(3). There is a kid choir at the end which is kinda cool
(4). The message is true. It kinda says like just don't worry about what others think and just do what you want. That's how a lot of kids feel and that should be changed. I think it should be her next single.

Another thing Molly talked about is the new year thing. I got that from one of my friend's AIM profiles. I thought it was funny and I fell for it so here it is:

You Know You Live in 2006 When...
1. you accidentally enter your password on a microwave
2. you haven't played solitaire with real cards in years
3. the reason for not staying in touch with your friends is that they don't have a screen name or a MySpace
4. you'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the button on the TV
6. your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job
7. you read this list & keep nodding and smiling
8. as you read this list, you think about sending it to all your friends
9. and you were too busy to notice # 5
10. you actually looked up to check if there was a # 5
11. and now you re laughing at your self stupidity

Well that's about it, I'm probly gonna go do something to my feet that will help make it fell better... though I don't quite know what that would be yet. ttyl!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Very Merry Christmas!

Listening To: Afraid by Nelly Furtado
Feeling: Great

Wow! I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already! My Christmas was the best, I love everything I got. Here is what I got: First of all, when everyone was up and about and ready to go, Joyce and I did our stockings. I got Chocolate, Non Violent Politically Correct War ( It's like regular war but the kings and queens and stuff are like hippies), some darts for the dart tag gun as a joke, and a CMU key chain thing that u can wear around your neck, I don't really have any keys to put on it, but I'll find something! Then in the presents I got a game called Pirates Dice, it's like the game that they played in Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 when Will challenged the captain that was an Octopus on the Flying Dutchmen, and another DVD called Friday Night Lights. I got a book called Dog: The Autobiography Of A Stray by Ann Martin, a CMU winter hat, a CMU glossy football, and a CMU Basketball tank-top thing, it feels like under armour stuff. And, what I had to open last, A MOTOROLA RAZR!!!!!! I was so not expecting that! I love it so much, so everyone, if you wanna talk to me, CALL THE CELL! That's all from my mom, dad, and sis.

From the family i got, an electric ice shaver to make Icees, about $90 in cash which brings me up to $145. I'm saving up for a Nintendo Wii. I got Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD, a $20 gift card to B&N, and another Pirates 2 DVD, but I took that back to Wal-Mart and got a gift card there cuz i didn't have the receipt. THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Pretty Sweet Wedensday!

Listening To: Grind With Me by Pretty Ricky
Feeling: Happy

Let's start out with Monday, in Home Ec, we cooked our soups. We had 4 different groups, and there were 4 different soups: Bunkhouse Chili (i made that), Broccoli Cheese Soup, Quick Beef Soup, and Chicken noodle soup. Bunkhouse was REALLY good and I had fun making. I'm gonna make it over Winter break for my family.

On to Wednesday, I had so much fun! It started out this morning with my mom and I waking up at 5:45. We got ready and went down town and got some donuts at Hamiltons and got coffee at Espresso Milano. We ate at espresso and it was really nice to just be with my mom. Then at school today was Santa Hat Day. Walking down the hall way I saw so many red hats! It was also the last day of school before winter break so we had the first 4 periods of class then after lunch, we got to pick a room to go see a movie. There was Ice Age 2, Polar Express, and Napoleon Dynamite. I saw Ice Age 2 with my friends Beth, Lizzie, Brando, and Zack. It was a lot of fun, and afterwards in AC, no one had any homework so we played Heads Up 7 Up and just screwed around. So much fun. Then after school, my cuz, Michelle, picked me up from school and we went to the Community Center and changed into gym clothes, paid to play racket ball, and waited for Mike and Joyce to get there. Once they were both there, we went to our room and started playing and it was SO MUCH FUN! It was different teams both games and i won both my games. Ha ha! One time, I was going for the ball, and i completely BODY SLAMMED the wall. It hurt but it was really funny.

I got invited to a Christmas party at Beth;s Monday. We're gonna go tobogganing (if there's any snow...) and then back to her house and have a White Elephant Gift Exchange and then just hang out i guess. It's gonna be a blast!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Listening To: Honestly by Cartel
Feeling: Good

So lately not a lot has been going on. But today my school had a party. A few weeks ago we had a big fundraiser to help pay for trips and stuff. Of course there were prizes for the things you sold. The more you sold, the better the prize. I sold 15 things, so I got to attend the party. I totally forgot about the party, and we had no warning until they told us that it was this afternoon. It was really fun, it was in the gym and they had like 4 big inflatable things. One was a velcro wall (not very fun, the suits u put on wouldn't stick to the wall), one was just an obstacle course, and one was really big had two lanes and you would put on this vest that was attached to the bungee cord. You would have to run down the lane and try to stick a velcro cube to the end. It was so much fun, if u jumped at from the very end, you would get flung backwards. I fell so many times on purpose!

Tomorrow my friend, Jake, is having a birthday party. His mom is picking us all up after school and we're going bowling. Then we're going back to his house for cake, ice cream, and presents. I already got his gift, but i can't say in case he might read this post! Then another friend and I are spending the night at his house. In the morning, the other friend and I both have basketball games at the high school and Jake is taking us to that. My parents are picking me up after that and we're going home.

Saturday, after my games, my second cousins Rogan and Austin are having their Christmas with the family. Rogan is 4 I think and he's so cute. So is Austin. My cousin is Rogan's mom and Rogan's dad and my cuz are divorced and Rogan is with his dad on christmas. Austin is my cousin's fiance's son and he and Rogan get along really well. It'll be a lot of fun!