Monday, February 05, 2007

The Party Was Awesome!

Listening To: Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye
Feeling: Good

Earlier this week I passed out invites to about 18 friends. It was an invite for about a 5 hour party. The party was just for fun, and fun was what we all had! Friday we didn't have school so that was gonna be our cleaning day. I cleaned until about 12:00 and then got ready to go into town. My friends and I all went and saw Epic Movie. HILARIOUS movie! I had such a fun time. After that we all went to the game and when I got home the house looked pretty good! Saturday, before the party, we finished picking up the house and then people started arriving at about 12:15 and there were about 16 people there in all. We played my Wii, played Ping Pong, played air hockey, and just hung out downstairs and listened to music. We got pizza, pop, cookies, and chips too! It was a blast having everyone over... I think we should do it again :D

2 girls are missing from this picture cuz they came late

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