Sunday, January 28, 2007

A play, a Report Card, a Party, and a Ride

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I know, I know, it's been a while. But now it's time to catch up!

A while ago I tried out for the school play. I got the part of a citizen (an extra) but really, that's okay with me. I didn't really want a big part and I didn't want all this lines to remember. My scene is where I carry in one of the teacher's bags and when I leave I flirt with her students, and Beth is one of the students so it's not too hard ;) I also come in and out a lot so you'll see me a lot... you just won't hear me a lot. We have play practice everyday after school and it's been really fun! Next year I won;t get to do this because I will be playing basketball so it will be a good experience!

Thursday, we got our report cards back. Here's what I got:
English - A
Home Ec - A
Science - A
Math - A
Reading - A
Social Studies - A
Academic Center - CR (credit)
Another 4.00 GPA, and another smile from the mom and dad! When I got home and my mom and dad saw it, we decided to go out to Logan's to celebrate! It was sooooo goooood! I was way full when we walked out, and afterwards my mom and I went into the mall cuz she had to return some stuff and we stopped in at the Verizon Wireless store. My old holster broke for my RAZR and I got a case instead of another holster cuz they quit selling them cuz they were all breaking. Mine is a leather case that has a clip on the back. I like it. We also found out that I actually DIDN'T have unlimited texting capabilities on it. I had sent/received about 400 texts in the 6 days before that and I was almost over the limit so we singed up for the unlimited. A pretty good night!

On Friday, after school, I went home with Jason, and Zack and Nate came too. My other friend, Brandon, had a a birthday party that night and we were all gonna go meet at the basketball game and after the game we went to *drum roll please*................... HOOTERS! It was so cool! I bought a shirt and so did Zack and Brandon got a sweatshirt and Jake already had a shirt and the 3 waitresses that were there all signed it. Also, in the bathroom, there was a wall that had a big poster ion it of different photos of hott hooter girls so my friends and I had to go "pee" a lot. lol. It was really fun and afterwards I spent the night at Zack's house cuz it was about 1:00 when we got home. (In the morning I had my last basketball game for team #2 and we won by the way).

Today my dad and I went for a ride on the quads out back and it was SO much fun! We got all bundled up and were out there for about 2 hours. We definitely need to do it way more often!

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