Friday, June 30, 2006

Long Time Not Blogged. Time To Catch Up.

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Wow! It's been like 2 months...

So school got out like May 23 and it's been goin great. Had basketball and baseball camps at my High School and have been hangin out with friends. Been going swimming but unfortunately I don't own a pool, my Aunt does.

On June 18, I left for a Christian Summer camp called SpringHill in Evart, MI. It was so much fun. We stayed in the forts and it had about 5 cabins all connected together by a cat walk. My cabin was called Fort Gratiot. I went with my friend, Jake. You stay there for 5 days and I wrote in a journal every night. Here it is typed up:
DAY ONE: When everyone arrived, we went to talk about the rules upstairs. Then we went outside and played a couple of games. One was where you were in a circle and Josh would say look down and you had to look at someone's shoes and then you had to look up at that person and if you were both looking at each other then the first person to scream was still in and the person who was too late was out. Then Josh taught us Camouflage. When a counselor calls camouflage then you have 10 seconds to hide in the woods and if he sees you he calls your name and you have to go back. When he can't see anyone else, he calls camouflage again and you have 10 seconds to come back and tag the counselor. A counselor can call camouflage any time he wants to. Then we had dinner. After dinner they would put on a little skit. After every skit we would have a "dance party". They would play music and we would all get in a conga line and go around jumping up and down. Then we would form a circle and kids would go in and like bust a move or whatever. We went to a field and played a game called British Bulldog. It's where the counselors of Fort Grat. and Wayne would be in the middle and all the campers would try to run past the counselors and the counselors would try to pick us up off the ground for 3 sec. and if they did you became a bulldog. We then played a couple more games and then had a campfire and went to bed. Our counselors are Josh Brett and Derrick.
DAY TWO: Today we did morning watch where we read a lil bit out of the bible and learned our memory verse and then had breakfast. We came back and got our swimsuits on and went to the craft house. I made a candle today. Then we went to the pool and learned the rules of the waterslide. That water slide is the 3rd largest in the state of Michigan! We had to go down on inter tubes. Jake and I went down together with a noodle and we would spin and twirl the noodle over our heads and we would go really fast. Then we did Morning Rap where we read the bible some more and then went to lunch. After lunch we went horse back riding wich was really fun. I really like horse back riding. After horses we went to the flying squirrel wich was where were harnessed up and were connected to 2 huge poles. We would run on way and everyone else would go the other way while pulling a rope and you would swing and go up really high. Then we came back and changed and went to BMX. Then we went to an island and had burgers for dinner. We had a campfire and went to bed.
DAY THREE: First we did morning watch and then breakfast. Then we went to the blob. The blob was where there was a huge like pillow that was filled with air and was floating in the water and you jumped on it from a platform in the air and 1 kid would sit on the end and when you landed on the blob the kid on the end would go flying. 2 counselors blobbed me and it was a blast! We had morning rap next and then went to the trading post and then had lunch. Next we went to the zip line witch was where we were harnessed up and we would go down across the lake on a cable and it was SO awesome! Then we had team’s course wich was kind of boring. Then after dinner we played a game of dodge ball. We had a campfire then went to bed.
DAY FOUR: This morning when I woke up and it was pouring out. We did morning watch and then went to breakfast. We went to the gusher wich is a huge water slide and I only got to go down once because of lightning. We ran back and took showers. We had morning rap in the fort that day. Then we went to the trading post and then lunch. After that we went to extreme sports wich was like skateboarding but that was canceled because of rain. Then we went to dinner and then went to riflery. Then we got ready for Wednesday Night Live. Our group dressed up as Jim, one of the guys that worked there. They put on little skits and then a band played 3 songs. Then we had a campfire and went to bed.
DAY FIVE: This morning I woke up did morning watch, had breakfast, and went to the water Trampoline. It was on of those big in floatable ones. That was fun. We showered right after that. Morning rap was next and after that and had a cabin time. Then we had lunch and then another cabin time. Then we went fishing and then had dinner. Then we had a game called battles sip wich we played in canoes. Then we had a campfire and went to bed.
That’s it, but I didn’t get to write on Friday cause that’s the day I went home that day. On Friday, we had an M&M war. It was kind of like capture the flag. Then we had lunch and packed our bags and the our parents came and we had like a gathering and each person from their fort got an award. Mine was the Good-Natured Award. Then we had a gathering where everyone in Copper Country put on a skit where we talked about camp. Then we went home.

Some good friends of ours invited us and some other friends to got to a Detroit Tiger’s game against the Cardinals. There was about 30 of us and we all sat in the upper deck. The Tiger’s won and after ward. All the kids got to run the bases. That was pretty cool. Then my family went to Greek Town and ate at a Greek restaurant. I got BBQ Chicken but didn’t like it so all I had was half a piece of cheese cake :-)

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Molly said...

Springhill sounds like a blast!!! Cool that you mentioned the Tiger's game. That was really fun. Just 24 hrs until I leave for Springhill! (almost) I need to finish packing, though!:)