Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 1st Of July?

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On Saturday my friend asked me if I wanted to help work the concession stand at a baseball tourney and I did. It was kinda fun, the food was free for us! But once that was done, my sis came and picked me up and my family had a BBQ. The big news was my cousin, Susan, is now engaged to her 3 year boyfriend, Stewart! This is them, look at that rock!

Susan has a son and so does Stewart. Stewart's son is named Austin and is older than Susan's son, Rogan.

They get along great, and they're both so cute.

After the BBQ, of course I went swimming and Rogan and Austin came to. Then we had a campfire and had some small fireworks for the 4th of July. Now, usually my family all gets together and we have a big show of fire works, on the 4TH OF JULY! This year, for some reason we didn't. It felt weirder than most 4th of Julys because 1. it was on the 1st and 2. most of the family wasn't there. Oh well, tomorrow though, we might go to the city's fireworks.

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MT said...

Sounded fun!