Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shopping, Books, Rubber Bands, and Football

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Feelin': Pain

For this new school year, I was in desperate need for new Jeans. So my sis and I went to the mall area and went clothes shopping. We went to Khol's first and I got 2 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts. I've been wanting faded and distressed jeans, which are the ones with the rips and stuff like that. One of the pairs I got was really distressed and the other pair had 2 small rips. Tony Hawk's line of clothing is pretty cool, so I got 2 of those shirts. We left there and went in the mall ad we first stopped at American Eagle. Stuff there is kinda expensive, and I had a limit to how much I could spend, so I just got a shirt and a pair of jeans. My sis got a few pairs of jeans and a few shirts. Aeropastale was next on our list and there I got 3 shirts. Joyce went to Maurice's and the Vanity, which are both just women's clothes so I didn't really find anything I liked there. I wanted to stop at Steve & Barry's, and there I got 4 of the shirts that button up the front, and 5 shirts that would go underneath, and I would roll up the sleeves and leave them unbuttoned, and I really like them! Our shopping trip was done I was happy with what I got.

A while ago I finished that series I told you all about. The best series I have ever read, without a doubt. The ending was great, and there is another series by the same author, called The Prophecy Series. It is about the 4 clans again but the story is based about a new cat. It has all the Kits and apprentices that were in the first series and is now mainly about them, a new generation. Barnes & Noble only had the first 2 and were in hardcover, and I want paperback. There are like 4 out I think so my mom will order the first 3 wich will all be in paper back. I can't wait until they get here!

Yesterday, I had an Orthodontics appointment, and I got new wires on my braces. But now, I have to have a small rubber band running from the back tooth and the bottom up to a tooth on the side on the top. When the girl who put the new wires on, she kinda yanked them after a little bit. OW! That's my mouth you're yanking on! So now my whole mouth is in pain and part of that is sleeping with the rubber band on. I have to change the rubber bands 4 times a day, and I am not exactly looking forward to that...

Tonight I have a football meeting and I get to pick up my pads and stuff. They will tell us about what is going on like when the practices are and stuff like that. I am really excited cuz next week we start practice!

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