Sunday, September 10, 2006

First Day Of School

Listening To: Chang Hang Low by Jibbs
Feelin': Stuffed Up

I finished the first week of school! It went really well. All my teachers are really cool. My second period is gym, and the teacher is one of the Varsity football coaches. So the warm-ups is like a mini football practice, and we played kickball this week. So far, I've had no homework, but I know that's gonna change... It's all pretty much what I expected it to be. But what really stinks is the lunch period. Last year, the kids would be able to go outside after they finished their lunch, all of them, toghether. Well, this year on Tuesdays, girls go out, and on Thursdays, boys go out. I really just don't understand that. One day to go out, and the boys and girls are seperated. The first school dance is this Thursday, and I'm really excited. It'll be really fun. Right now, I'm sniffleing every 2 seconds because of my allergies, stupid allergies! This sucks cuz i dont wanna be like this tomorrow for school. And especially not Thursday...

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