Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good Day

Listening To: It's Not Over by Chris Daughtry
Feeling: Great!

Today was pretty good! I had little homework and in Home Ec we are actually doing something that I like doing. We have to make a comic strip with the maximum of 6 frames, it has to teach 3 lessons from our hygiene packet, and it has to at least have 2 of the list of characters in the packet. My characters are Tommy Tooth, Fanny Floss, Tasha Toothpaste, and Tina Toothbrush. I know I know, the names are pretty much silly, but that's why Jake and I were making fun of them and laughing for the first 10 minutes in class! lol. But my story is that Tommy Tooth is dirty and Fanny, Tasha, and Tina come and teach him how to keep himself clean. Then we have to put it on a big piece of peg board and the squares have to be 8 x 8! So I can only fit 2 squares per paper. I finished my first 2 squares and are happy with them. I also asked this girl out today. Her name is Beth and she said "yes". She is really funny, and smart, and fun to be around and I am looking forward to spending time together. That's about it for now, so talk to ya later!

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