Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm a "Wii" Bit Over Excited!

Listening To: The Way I Am by Eminem
Feeling: VERY HAPPY!

I GOT A Wii TODAY!!!!! I am so happy! I have been saving up my money for about 3 months from birthday, Christmas,etc... and Joycie donated some to it too. Here's the story: This morning my mom and I got up at about 5:10 am. We got ready to go, dressed warm, and headed into town. We stopped at Starbucks and I got a venti (large) hot chocolate and a Rice Krispy Square and my mom got a venti latte and a cookie. Then we went to Target and sat in the car for a while and at about 6:40 we got out and waited in line outside to get a ticket at 7:00, we were the fifth people in line. It was very cold out! I had a sweatshirt, a winter coat and 2 blankets on and I was still cold! At Target there are the exterior doors and the Interior doors with a space in between. Stupid Target wouldn't let us wait in that space where it was warm :( But anyway, after we got our ticket ( they only got 27 of them in) we waited in our car for an hour, my mom half asleep and me listening to my iPod. At about 7:50 we got out of the car and waited in line with our ticket. At 8:00 the lady opened up the door and we walked single-file to the electronic area and we bought the Wii! I looked for an extra controller (the nun-chuck and the remote) but all they had were the classics. After I bought the Wii, my mom bought me a game. I got the new Zelda game. Then we stopped at Starbucks again on the way home. When I got home, we immediately set it up and I started playing. I love it! It is so cool!

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