Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm a Graduate and a Bus Boy!

Felling: Pooped
Listening To: Over My Head by The Fray

Well Friday I graduated from D.A.R.E. DARE is a program that teaches you about drugs and alcohol and what the bad effects if you use them. A local police officer teaches it to the 5th grade. He comes for like 10 weeks to teach for about and hour every Tuesday. Once that's done, we learn a song and we sing at the graduation. At the graduation, which is held at the high school's auditorium, a judge, the officer who taught us, the sheriff, and the principal talk. Then our name is called and we walk and get the diplomas and shake everyone's hand. Afterward there is cake and punch! We also get a shirt that says DARE on it and we all wear those graduation hats, they're red and black.

Then, my mom is fixing a computer for my friend's mom, they've done that twice. Both times I have gone over with my mom and played with my friend. This afternoon when we went I stayed when my om left and we went to the legion to have dinner. My friend's grandpa works there so once he and I got done eating, we got to bus tables. In tips, I made 10 bucks and he made 7 bucks. It was SO much fun!

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Chelle Belle said...

Hey Sam! Lovin the are doing a really good job withit. :) I enjoy reading sound so much older!
Love ya!