Friday, May 05, 2006

Young Author's Day!

Feeling: Allergic To Everything
Listening To: Where'd You Go? by Fort Minor

Today 20 out of 60 kids at my school went to Delta College, and I was 1 of them! We got there and we went shopping at the book store and a bunch of books were there of the authors that came to the event. Then we went to an author named Alfred Slote. He talked to us about his books and what he's done and he then signed autographs for people. Since I got one of his books he autographed it for me. Then we went and had lunch out on a strip of grass by the parking lot. Once we were done with that, we went to another author named Byrd Baylor. She lives in Arizona out in the dessert all by herself far away from the city. She loves the nature and most of her books are about nature. She also loves the animals and is a vegetarian. She too talked about her travels and one of her books. Finally we went top one last author,Janie Lynn Panagopoulos. She likes to write from history and do research on her work. She first started out talking to us about generations and how this is the best of our time and there was no "good ol' days". Not exactly what we all expected. Then she actually started talking about her books and her travels. Like once she went onn a train wagon trip from Mississippi to Wisconsin and what she had to do. Then at the end she signed the book I bought by her. You can check out her website at www.jlpanagopoulos.comThen there was an autographing alley that all the authors were at but we couldn't go 'cause we had to get back to school :( I was bummed 'cause I got a book by Ben Mikaelsen that I could have got autographed. Oh well... it was still a lot of fun!

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