Friday, July 07, 2006

Ben Wallace, I'm Very Dissapointed In You!

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Feeling: Dissapointed

I can't beleive that Ben Wallace did that! He left the Pistons over 10 million dollars. Detroit offered him 50 mil. for 4 years and Chicago offered him 60 mil. for 4 years. He won the Defensive Player Of The Year 4 out of the 6 years he was with the Pistons. Does he not see what all he has with the Pistons??? Ben was my basketball hero. He was awesome, and he left. I bought 2 jerseys of his, so much for them:( My mom and Dad got me a big bobble head of him for Christmas with a PISTONS jersey on, not a Bulls jersey! He should stay with his home.


MT said...

I can't believe he would do that!! I had no idea. Keep blogging!

jt said...

Don't be too hard on Ben... think of what $10,000,000 would do for his family. That is a lot of money, and maybe he is looking for a change anyway. He gave us some good years, right?!