Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend With The Boys

Listening To: Invisible by Ashlee Simpson
Feelin': Tired

On Friday I went over to my grandma's and as soon as I got there we went swimming at my Aunt's. Rogan and Austin were there so we played together and my Aunt Janet who had the boys, asked if I wanted to spend the night with them. Of course, I said yes. So she picked me up at my Gandma's and we went back to my house to pick up some clothes. From my house we went back to her's and then we went blueberry picking. Rogan loved it and didn't want to stop, it was funny:) We went back to her house and we went for a four-wheeler ride and took some blueberries to my Grandparents. We played for a while and ate dinner. When we went to bed, we slept out in their camping trailer, just Rogan, Austin and I. I read them some stories and ten we went to bed. The next day we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, yum! WE played for a while again and then headed into town to the fairgrounds. They had some miniature horse shows going on and my Aunt helped with one of the horse's costume so that as what we came to see. Well, when we got there they were still a long way from the costume horses. We hung out for a while and watched the show and then left for Little Ceasar's for lunch. When we cam back we had to wait about 10 minutes and then finally the costumes came out. The one that my Aunt helped with came in first place! So we left there and went home. We went swimming and there was a marathon of Scooby Doo on tv and the boys wanted to watch that. My Aunt asked if I wanted to spend the night again so I said sure. We slept out in the trailer again. The next morning we went to Lil' Chef and had breakfast. We went for another four-wheeler ride that day and went swimming again. It rained that day REALLY hard for like 10 minutes and then it stopped. Later that night they came over to our pond and went for a canoe ride. Then they left cuz my aunt had to take them back home in Detroit today. It was an awesome weekend!

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