Friday, July 21, 2006

A Lil' Bit Of Catch Up

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So on Monday we had a big storm and we lost power. We were just starting to light the candles and we looked out side and the wind was blowing like crazy and the tops of the trees were swaying back and forth really hard and fast. My mom said that we should go in the basement so we brought down a board game and started playing it. We were down there for about 10 min. and the wind stopped so we went back upstairs. Tuesday my dad and I went to my grandparents who live 5 min. away so they also were without power. They had there water hooked up and my dad wanted to know how to do that. So my dad got that hooked up to the generator along with our T.V. and fridge. That night my grandparents got there power back so when my dad got home at midnight he hooked it up and we had power, on the day when we had just gotten our generator up and was prepared for another few days. Figures.

My Aunts and Uncles and grandparents all live right close to eachother, being seperated by a field. Beacause of the storm, a lot of trees were down over there. So my cousin that lives about an hour and a half away drove himself up here to help and to spend time with my family, right on the week end my dad and I will be gone. Figures. So today I went over and helped him out and hung out with him too. First we moved a big pile of rocks for my grandma. Then we had lunch and started using the DR Brushmower on our riding trails. He used the mower while I went and clipped the overhanging branches that would be in the way of my grandparent's golfcart and everyone else's quads.

So if you don't know that I love to swim, then you obviously don't know me very well. It seems like that every night I'm always asking my parents to take me swimming at my Aunt's inground pool who lives about 5 min. away too. Tonight my mom took me swimming! This Summer I taught myself how to swim underwater without plugging my nose. Wich means I can now dive the right way:

So tomorrow my dad and I are leaving for Michigan Adventures. We're leaving at about 8:30 cuz the park doesn't open up till 11:00 and it takes about 2 and a half hours to get there. We're gonna find a hotel and then hit the water oark till it closes at 7:00. Then we're gonna go to the amusement park until whenever we feel like leaving. Then we'll go back and watch tv and chill until we fall asleep. The next day we'll go have brunch or whatever cuz at 2:00 we're gonna see that ball game and then come home. My bags are packed and only 13 hours separates us from that water park...

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MT said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy the water park and the baseball game!