Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Michigan's Adventure

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So on staurday morning my dad and I, just the 2 of us, headed to Muskegon and went to Michigan's Adventure for the day. We got there like 20 min. after they opened and hit the water park first. We went on water slides and the wave pool where in a big pool this wall like sends HUGE waves out and you can ride them and stuff wich was fun. But my favorite water ride was called Funnel Of Fear. It took about 45 min to an hour to wait in line but it was worth it! You start out on an intertube that fits about 6 people and then go on a slide and it goes up and down then you shoot down and come out into this huge funnel that was about 4 stories tall and you shoot up about a third of the way and came down and then back and forth until it dies down and you end in a small pool to exit. IT WAS AWESOME!! Then I hit the wave pool a few more times and then dried off and I got my clothes on. My dad and I hit 3 rides at the amusement park cuz we were tired after a long day at the waterpark. One was called Logger's Run and you are on these log type boats and the water takes you around kinda slowly and then you shoot down and get splashed, it was okay. Then we hit one called Wolverine Wildcat. It was a coaster and it was a smaller version of another coaster called Shivering Timbers. On Shivering Timbers (wich was more fun) you go really fast and go slowly up hills and shoot down and you do it over and over again. My dad didn't really like it cuz it hurt his neck :( So then we left and got a hotel in Grand Rapids. It took us about 20 min to a half hour to find the hotel. We saw it but couldn't find the road that lead to it and when we finally got there there all out of rooms! Luckily there was a Holiday Inn Express about 2 min away that had rooms. We got to our room and it was obviously a smoking room so we had to get a different room. We both showered up and went to a Logan's Roadhouse. I got some babyback ribs that were to die for. The were so good! We got a takeout ice cream at Coldstone Creamery and went back to the hotel and ate it while watching a movie on TNT. I fell asleep before it was over with though ;) So the next morning we woke up and went to the local IHOP cuz I was craving a good Belgian waffle, what kind of hotel breakfast doesn't have a waffle maker?!? So we drove around and we found that IHOP. Then we just kinda drove around and the went to a West Michigan Whitecaps game. We were a lil early and on the way in we saw an AJ's Family Fun Center that had putt putt golf. We did that and then watched the game. Whitecaps won, wich was cool. When we got home we were so tired that a slept like a baby, and if felt good!

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MT said...

sounds like u had fun on ur weekend w/ ur dad!