Thursday, December 14, 2006


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So lately not a lot has been going on. But today my school had a party. A few weeks ago we had a big fundraiser to help pay for trips and stuff. Of course there were prizes for the things you sold. The more you sold, the better the prize. I sold 15 things, so I got to attend the party. I totally forgot about the party, and we had no warning until they told us that it was this afternoon. It was really fun, it was in the gym and they had like 4 big inflatable things. One was a velcro wall (not very fun, the suits u put on wouldn't stick to the wall), one was just an obstacle course, and one was really big had two lanes and you would put on this vest that was attached to the bungee cord. You would have to run down the lane and try to stick a velcro cube to the end. It was so much fun, if u jumped at from the very end, you would get flung backwards. I fell so many times on purpose!

Tomorrow my friend, Jake, is having a birthday party. His mom is picking us all up after school and we're going bowling. Then we're going back to his house for cake, ice cream, and presents. I already got his gift, but i can't say in case he might read this post! Then another friend and I are spending the night at his house. In the morning, the other friend and I both have basketball games at the high school and Jake is taking us to that. My parents are picking me up after that and we're going home.

Saturday, after my games, my second cousins Rogan and Austin are having their Christmas with the family. Rogan is 4 I think and he's so cute. So is Austin. My cousin is Rogan's mom and Rogan's dad and my cuz are divorced and Rogan is with his dad on christmas. Austin is my cousin's fiance's son and he and Rogan get along really well. It'll be a lot of fun!

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