Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well This Sucks

Listening To: Nothing, I have a headache right now
Feeling: Crappy

Monday morning I woke up with a tight chest and a little bit of a stomach ache. I felt that way through out the whole day at school, and when I got home it got even worse. My chest felt tighter, my stomach ache got worse, and I was really cold, even though my forehead and the back of my neck were burning up. My mom made me some chicken noodle soup, and I went to bed at 7:30. I woke up so many times through out the night, and one time I ran to the toilet thinking I was gonna puke. I didn't, but it was a close one. I stayed home Tuesday and that's when the coughing started kicking in. I just felt like crap the whole day. Wednesday, my mom took me into Urgent Care, and, after waiting for an hour, the doctor told me that i had Pneumonia. This is a very bad illness and I had it once before when I was in first grade... not very much fun to go through. The doctor told me that I had to stay home Thursday and Friday, that I couldn't play basketball Saturday morning, and ONLY if I was feeling super great, that I could play basketball Monday night. He put me on two medications and said that after I am feeling much better, I'll still be coughing for at least a month. It's hard to sleep at night because when I lay down, the coughing gets worse and the coughing keeps me up. After sitting or laying for a while, if I stand up my head is very dizzy and I get a pounding headache. I don't have an appetite for anything, but I know that I have to eat. My taste buds are off so that makes everything taste weird. Also, I am missing the 3rd school dance that's today after school. This sucks...

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MT said...

OMG I'm sooo sorry!! You won't die or anything right?? I heard that people used to die from pneamonia...but I doubt that's what's happening now...but I'm sorry, being sick sucks!