Saturday, December 02, 2006

YAY! "White Stuff"

Listening To: Los Angelous by Sugarcult
Feeling: Tired

Last night was SO much fun! We went to our friend's house, it was so good to see them. We really need to do it more often. But Canice made Lasagna (which was REALLY good by the way) and we brought brownies(home-made), ice cream, and fudge for dessert. Us 5 kids (not including my sis, she's an adult now!) played and it was a blast. Right before we left, we went in their indoor hot tub. We dared each other to go out in the snow and do like snow angels and just run around and then jump back in the tub. IT BURNED! But I was the dare king! (Ha ha Molly).

This morning I had a basketball game. We played one of the teams that weren't that great. I had another double-double! I don;t know exactly how many rebounds and points i had, but I had at least over 15 points my mom said. I was a little cold at first, but after a while, I was on fire! lol. When we got home I had to shovel the side walks, and then my dad tied the sled to the back of the 4-Wheeler and he pulled me around ALL OVER our 80 acres! Over hills, through puddles, which got me soaked, butt ALL wet and cold!, and down our road too! It was a blast!

Like the new template?!?!


MT said...

you are NOT the dare king! I am the dare Queen! I think there are more Queens in the world than there are Kings so ha!

Aunt Kathy said...

Hey!! Love the new look! Way to go, Dare King ;-)

Auntie K.