Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Stuff

Listening To: Afraid by Nelly Furtado feat. Attitude
Feeling: MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!

So today Beth had a party. It was really fun, I had a blast. We hung out at her house for a while then we went to the ice arena and went ice skating. I pretty much sucked... but I think I could have done better if I had better skates. The 9's were to bug and I could barely get my foot in the 8's but I finally managed to get it in there and they were still loose. I knew I wouldn't be able to get my foot in the 7's so I just wore the 8's. WE all stopped a lot and talked and laughed, it was really fun. But right now my feet are killing me and it hurts to walk. I'm sure I'll have blisters in the morning even though I wore two pair of socks. Oh well.

At Molly's blog she talks about a couple things that she got from me. One thing is where she talks about the song "Afraid" by Nelly Furtado, (I was the "friend by the way). The song is really cool, you should check it out. Here's why:
(1). The song is cool
(2). The beat is cool
(3). There is a kid choir at the end which is kinda cool
(4). The message is true. It kinda says like just don't worry about what others think and just do what you want. That's how a lot of kids feel and that should be changed. I think it should be her next single.

Another thing Molly talked about is the new year thing. I got that from one of my friend's AIM profiles. I thought it was funny and I fell for it so here it is:

You Know You Live in 2006 When...
1. you accidentally enter your password on a microwave
2. you haven't played solitaire with real cards in years
3. the reason for not staying in touch with your friends is that they don't have a screen name or a MySpace
4. you'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the button on the TV
6. your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job
7. you read this list & keep nodding and smiling
8. as you read this list, you think about sending it to all your friends
9. and you were too busy to notice # 5
10. you actually looked up to check if there was a # 5
11. and now you re laughing at your self stupidity

Well that's about it, I'm probly gonna go do something to my feet that will help make it fell better... though I don't quite know what that would be yet. ttyl!

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