Wednesday, November 22, 2006

After School

Listening To: Tell Me by Diddy Feat. Christina Aguelira
Feeling: Happy

So every Wednesday my sister has violin practice after school, and I have to go wait for her cuz I get off at the high school and she takes me home. Usually I'm pretty prepared for it, like I have my homework or something to do. But today I totally forgot, but I called my friend Zack and we talked for a little bit. Then when Joycie got out, we drove to the mall and met up with my mom and we had dinner. Now usually I ALWAYS get Taco Bell cuz well, it's only the BEST fast food place! But I decided to go to Subway instead, and I got a water to drink. I decide to eat a little more healthier before I gain 10 pounds for Thanksgiving ;) Afterwards we went to Finish Line (love that store) and I got a pair of Adidas pants. Then we looked around for a while. My mom and I made a few more stops in town and then we went home. I wish Lost was on tonight, but it took a break until February :( But Daybreak seemed pretty good so I'll watch that, I watched the season finale. Adios Amigos! **NOTE** My teacher has been saying that when the bell rings to end the hour every day. And she's not a Spanish teacher.

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