Sunday, November 12, 2006

Getting Ready For Opening Day!

Listening To: Last Night by Diddy Feat. Keyshia Cole
Feelin: Nice and Warm

Today my dad and I went to Meijer to see what they had for hunting clothes, and we ended up gettin hats and gloves. So then we went to Mill End and got my over-alls and my jacket whish both match and are both reversible. We also got my boots which are really nice too! I'm really happy with what I got! So when we got home we went out and saw where we were probably gonna go hunting opening day. Then we shot my rifle. I'm doing pretty good. I'm looking forward more and more every day for Opening Day on Wednesday.
I'm feelin nice and warm cuz I'm wearing my new Aeropastale sweatshirt ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :) I'm an aunt, I hope my nephews (and niece) say stuff about me like you said about your aunt one day.. ;)