Saturday, November 18, 2006

More B-Ball

Listening To: Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
Feeling: Tired but good :)

Well let's start out with... LADY LANCERS ARE DISTRICT CHAMPS! Last night I went to the game and it was so much fun/ At our gym we have two sets of bleachers on the home side. One set is designated to be the "Student Section." They always cheer and stuff, but last night there were like 4 of us guys, and like 8 girls who were all friends and in the same grade, not High School though. We all sat by each other and were cheering too and stuff, I had a blast. The game went in to overtime, and the girls rocked. After that I went to my friend's house and this morning they took me too the high school where we had basketball scrimmages with our new teams. The scrimmages were 8 minuted long and at the 4 minute mark we had to sub. My team played 4 games and went 3-1. I only sat like 3 times, and I did really good. My friend who I spent the night with didn't do the basketball camp this year, but he stayed and watched me with my mom. He said that I had 18 points and 15 rebounds: a double-double. Which is pretty good for only playing like 24 minutes. I was really tired afterwards, and my mom and I went to Bob Evan's and had breakfast. Then we went shopping cuz we had to get a few things, and then we came home. I think tonight we are FINALLY going to watch Chronicles Of Narnia!

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