Monday, November 20, 2006


Listening To: My father cook in the kitchen
Feeling: Rushed

Today at school was pretty good, and tonight my dad and I went out hunting. But we didn't see a single deer. We went back in the woods where there's an oak grove. At first it wasn't too bad out, but as the night went on it was getting even colder. To the point where my hands were about to fall off from frost bite :)

And tonight the Lady Lancers play again in the Regionals. If they win tonight, they can keep on going on, and who knows, maybe they can go to State Finals. My sister and I are going over to the game tonight. A lot of my friends are going to be there, too, so it should be a good time. But it's going to be a late night, so tomorrow morning is going to be a bit rough.

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