Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Happy Birthday and A Stupid Movie

Listening To: Tell Me by Diddy fet. Christina Aguelira
Feeling: Happy

Well the party last night went great! I got $55, a new rifle!, a SWEET pair of orange and yellow and green pair of shoes, Chronicles of Narnia DVD, a couple of gift cards, and a whiteboard calendar and dry erase markers. I love what I got and my mom made a awesome cake! I had tons of fun!

Right now I am at Zack's house and we just got back from seeing The prestige with my girlfriend, Kendra, and our friend Maddie. The movie was actually really stupid. I was SO disappointed cuz I was REALLY looking forward to seeing it. It was really confusing and all we got were stuff to ask questions until the end and it answered all the questions so I was practically lost throughout the whole movie. Plus, it skipped back and forth from present time and then the past. AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

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Molly said...

Bummer the movie was bad, but it seems like you had a good time :). Happy Belated Birthday!