Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Night With Aunt Janet

Listening To: Diddy's New Album
Feelin: Full, Tired, and Really Happy

Tonight my Aunt Janet picked me up and we went into town to celebrate my birthday. She usually takes out to dinner and go shopping to spend our b-day money, or sometimes she'll take us to see a movie too. When I say us, I mean my sis, my cousins, and I. She does it for everyone of our birthdays. So today we went and saw Man Of the Year at the theaters. It was really good and really funny, you should see it if you haven't already! Then we went to eat at Damon's which was really good. She told them that it was my birthday and they put me on one of their big screens and announced it was my b-day and everyone there clapped! It was cool. After that we went to the mall and our first stop was Target, where I got Madden 07 for my gamecube. Aunt Janet looked around for a while too at some Christmas stuff and ended up buying a few things. Then we walked around for a while and also stopped in at American Eagle and Aeropastale where I ended up getting a nice warm and fuzzy sweatshirt from Aeropastale. Then, our last stop was Barnes & Noble where I used my $10 giftcard that I got and bought Diddy's new album called Press Play. I had to pay 6 bucks too to par for it. And Aunt Janet also got us a couple frappacnos too! So I started out with $65 and now I only have a dollar left! But I had a blast with Aunt Janet tonight!

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Melissa said...

I miss Damon's. We don't have them in mid-Missouri.