Monday, November 27, 2006

Basketball, Basketball, Basketball!

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Feeling: PUMPED!

Tonight my dad and I went out hunting. It wasn't to cold out, just perfect temperature wise. But as the night went on, it got foggier and we couldn't see a single thing. Rifle season ends Wednesday, and I haven;t seen a single thing all season...

So let's clear some things up shall we? tonight I have a game for my basketball team. This team is pretty much the real deal. and we have games on Modays and practices on Wednesdays. My other team that I'm on (the one where we had scrimmages on Saturday) is a team the goes through the school's high school. The first 2 weeks, on Saturday we would go to the High School gym and work on skills. And it's all kids form the same school district. Then they separate us into teams, and we have practices on Tuesdays and play games on Saturdays. This is more just for fun. So the real deal team is going to be called Basketball Team 1. and the other team is going to be called Basketball Team 2 . It;ll just be a little easier when I write about it.

So I figured out that I have 3 days of basketball in a row, and then another day on Saturday, I have basketball 4 out of the 7 days of the week. And I love it!

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MT said...

Sounds like a lot of bball! Good luck on all your games!