Monday, November 06, 2006


Listening To: Throw It All Away by Toby Rand (Rockstar: Supernova guy from Aussie!)
Feelin: Tired

I know it's my second blog post but I couldn't wait to blog about my game! We won, the score was 24-17. I started too, but lost the jump because the other guy was like 4 inches taller than me, and I'm like 5 foot 2 inches! I scored 10 points, 8 from regular and I made 2 out of 3 freethrow shots. I also got a lot of rebounds too:) The other freethrow shot I missed was 1-and-1, that's where you get fowled and the othe team has more than 9 fowls in that half and if you make the first one then u get to shoot another, and if you miss the second one, then you can just rebound the ball. I play center, or #5 position so I'll get fouled a lot. Our whole team is looking great! There are 10 of us so we have two different teams: gold and black. Each game, we will take turns with the two different teams starting and coach will put in who he needs at the end if we are down.

I have improved SO much from last year. I'm more aggressive and I am not getting down on myself if I miss a shot or something. Watch out everyone, big #3 is comin'... ;)


MT said...

Great job on your game! Hey, who knows, you could be the first MLB, NFL, AND NBA player in the history of sports!

Anonymous said...

hey sam guess wat a 1 and 1 shot is if the other team has over 9 fouls in that half just thought u might wanna know