Saturday, November 25, 2006

Basketball Tourney (Shhhh! It's A Secret!!!!!!)

Listening To: Nothin
Feeling: Happy, and Tired

Today was the 4th Annual Turkey Classic Basketball Tournament. We did REALLY good; played hard, was aggressive, made our shots (well, most of 'em). And I scored a lot of points, got a lot of rebounds, and was aggressive. Don't mean to brag, but I'm just really happy with myself. We came in third place though, but all of our games were either lost or won by 1-3 points. In the last game, it came down to sudden death, where the first team to score 2 points won the whole game. Almost right off the bat, the other team fouled Jake and he went to the line to shoot free throws, a one-and-one. He made the first one and then the second one, it was awesome! After the game Zack came home with us and my mom took us to Taco Bell and we ate inside. Then she took us to Pizza Sam's for an ice cream cone!!! It was so much fun. Right now, Zack just got out of the shower and I'm about to take one.

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