Monday, November 06, 2006

Logan's and B-Ball

Listening To: Tell Me by Diddy Fet. Christina Ageulira - AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!
Feeling: Pretty good

Last night I was going make a post but Blogger said that it was down for maintenance, so I couldn't. But last night we did go to Logan's for dinner to celebrate my birthday, we were going to go on Saturday but I went with my friends to that movie. Logan's was fun and the food was really good, as always! I got the combo dinner that was steak and shrimp. The shrimp were on shishkabobs so there were only 8 and that's all I had cuz I don't like the vegetables. And the steak was really good too! :) I was going to get sung to by the employees too, but my mom get sick and we had to leave earlier and that didn't happen. So instead they gave me a free peanut butter sugar stuff, but it's not very good, it tastes funny. My mom apologized, but I said that it wasn't her fault and I completely understand.

Today at school I wore my new shoes that I got for my B-Day, they're really bright and I LOVE them! I got a lot of comments on them, some good and some bad, but I don't really care if they like them or not, cuz they're so cool!

Also, tonight is my first Basketball game and I'm so excited!!! We play at this H-U-G-E place that has 8 full basketball courts that can be used for volleyball and other sports too. And there is also another floor which has a seating area, and a big weight room that can be used for physical therapy too. The place is awesome! Our game is at 7:00 and I think our team is going to have a really good chance! Wish me luck!

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